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Policies, Regulations, Assessment Plans, Impact Assessments

Technical expertise and innovative thinking to achieve successful results

Anacostia Consulting Group’s environmental experts match an understanding of environmental regulatory compliance with professional experience and education in engineering, environmental sciences, and policy.  Our decades of experience have provided us with the plethora of environmental intelligence required to provide strategic environmental analyses related to business planning.  


Assessing regulatory compliance to measure the costs associated with implementing new regulatory actions

Economic  Analysis, Modeling, Assessments, and Techniques

Anacostia Consulting Group provides your organization with strategic economic analyses relating to the costing and compliance requirements of your project.  Our previous experience with conducting OMB and E.O. –compliant studies allows us to produce a variety economic techniques and analyses.  Our spectrum of knowledge in energy, finance, and regulatory consulting allows us to adhere to the full range our clients demand related to environmental economics. 


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